Buy my Puch

Buy my Maxi. E50 w/port matched 65 Metrakit, 21mm OKO with UNI pod, 3 shoe clutch w/springs, Techno Estoril, 24mm intake, CDI, EBR hydro forks w/ disc brake set up, snowflake rear and spare snowflake front, plus odds and ends crap done. Has clean Oregon title and good tags. Some extra crap comes with it. $1000 OBO. Will not ship but if you want to work out transportation to Seattle Rally or maybe bum a ride with Andrew to SF sometime. This thing is fast as hell for an E50. Discount for MA members/retired.


Re: Buy my Puch

Its in Portland.


No one wants to buy this moped?

Re: Seriously

ill put in an offer, but it wont even come close to 1000 haha

Re: Seriously

I'll take the seat off your hands - emailed

Re: Seriously

Re: Seriously

Oh how I hate the internet.

Re: Seriously

I like the Andrew tak it to sf thing. Funny cause its true.

I've ridden this. Good bike.

Re: Seriously


Re: Seriously


Vic and I will most likely be in Seattle on July 1st in the early afternoon. That means we can deliver that Puch to Seattle that day for free. Also Vic was hoping someone would be interested in this:

He wants $1200. Pyramid reed Variant, crazy kit and pipe, hit up Vic for the details. Clean as hell and faster than Pryor on fire. Will also deliver to Seattle for free on July 1st.

Re: Seriously

Make that July 2nd, sorry I lack in calendar skills.

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