Old Scorpion

I just like fixing things up. I found an old rusted Scorpion in a guys garage he wanted to unload. Bad shape, but cosmetic mainly. I stripped it down, then took pics of it disassembled it to get a new title. Meanwhile I got it running, painted, polished chrome, completely dismantled and lubed all bearings etc. Then I got a letter from state of MN that in pics it looks like major parts are missing and need to document parts. Hey folks at the state, thats all there is to it. Now I have to take it into a state office to have it inspected (nearest appointment is July 16), then they have to assign a , then new vin, then wait until they send me a sticker with the vin, then have it reinspected before I can get the title. I just want to sell it to make room for another project, so if anyone is interested it does have a current plate and temp license and you can do all the follow uo to get the plates or if in another state maybe its easier. willing to take reasonable offers. I will get pics later.

Re: Old Scorpion

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

register it in NH, or buy it from a friend that lives in a non-title state, get a bill of sale from that state. register it.

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