WTT Xylaphone for Ped

♣Slew Foot♣ /

well, my maxi's trashed

and i need a ped

i have a musser kelon m 66 by ludwig. gc

its a full size marching band type not a glokenspeil

mahogony keys lists at 1700.00 new

I have a small apt and how often do i play the xylaphone?

has 2 mallets and a case

PA local but will consider farther out nj, ny, oh

have older synths too

casio cz101

korg poly61m

EM-U SP12 vintage drum machine, sequencer, sampler.

they all are cool toys

i need transportation tho

shoot me some offers


Re: WTT Xylaphone for Ped

come to NW Indiana- i'll set you up with sweet 94 2 speed tomos

Re: WTT Xylaphone for Ped

♣Slew Foot♣ /


my size tens in pic for size reference

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