Minnarelli Performance Exhaust, Mamba pipe-WTB

In the market for a decent, used Minarelli pipe that will fit on my Safari Turbo w/an 80cc Polini. After purchasing a Bennesaur and realizing the header was so huge, too big to fit on an 80cc kit, I chopped it, welded a new header on and have been running on that. Well the fucker broke in half yesterday, so now I need a new fast pipe, preferably for top end performance but I'd take whatever, like a Mamba. I will not buy a Zen or Bennesaur because even though they make great stuff it simply will not mount correctly to my bike. I have tried both. Any bright ideas people? Really not trying to spend a ton of money seeing as I've already thrown too much at just getting a decent exhaust. Please and thank yous

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