FS: Jawa 207 parting out

most everything except engine and sidecovers


Re: FS: Jawa 207 parting out

I want the engine !!!

Ok so how much for the headlight (if it works)

the tail light cover (red part)

Side covers and floor board ?

Speedo parts (wheel thingy, cable, and speedo)

I think that is all I need. Post a bigger pic or email me prices with a pic.

Re: FS: Jawa 207 parting out

Petcock ???

Email me NOW !!!!!

Re: FS: Jawa 207 parting out

hey man

its all yours.

1. petcock 5.00

2. headlight bucket only, no headlight or bezel ring 5.00

3. speedo, fits in headlight bucket plus cable plus speedo

drive 15.00

4. taillight assembly 10.00

have a 2nd taillight , for a Jawa 210 your choice

no sidecovers, no top cover

Jawa 207 engine

engine is rebuilt, new seals and gaskets.

bearings turned fine.

has the 12 tooth countershaft sprocket

clutch need 2 clutch arms since the pads fell off

Vlado can get clutch arms

this is the 2nd Jawa engine rebuild i have done.

pretty easy with the right tools

if you want the engine

100.00 shipped

Re: FS: Jawa 207 parting out

parts bike looks like this

can*t seem to email you


Re: FS: Jawa 207 parting out

i will take the whole fork handelbars

Re: FS: Jawa 207 parting out

its yours.

38.00 shipped

handlebars and forks.

my paypal is leoheyman@aol.com

jawa parts

Hey I'm looking for some jawa parts A cylinder and piston for a 210. And ignition system for babetta do you know where I can find those?

Re: jawa parts

charlie butler /

is the engine still available.

Re: jawa parts

hey man

those parts are available.

lots of people have dead Jawas

the 210 piston and cylinder are alittle harder to come by.

i think the igntion system is the same for all Jawas.

put a WTB; add in BUY/SELL

i have only a 210 frame and wheels.

no 210 engine

Re: jawa parts

Is the gas tank available, do you have the generator cover?

Re: jawa parts

tank gone

no generator cover

Re: jawa parts

How about the side covers?

Re: jawa parts

no sidecovers

all gone

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