WTB Moped in Wash DC

looking for the perfect bike for the city - dependable, good acceleration (don't need to go over 35 mph), and hopefully turn signals because the drivers here have no idea which hand signal means what.

willing to trade for my 99 tomos ttlx with bi-turbo and modified sprocket, fast, but not as quick off the line. and i'm willing to put some work into a project, as long as it's not a lost cause.

what ya got???

Re: WTB Moped in Wash DC

eying this as a project, but i don't speak frenchy!


i don't have an ebay acct. so can't ask the seller questions

(i know, i could, but ebay is a dangerous place for me)

you should mention you need a titled ped. perferrably one from the 2000 + years.

good luck on your search

Re: WTB Moped in Wash DC

Sounds like you already have what your looking for... Regear.

Re: WTB Moped in Wash DC

i want to get away from top tanks. DC is pretty strict on moped laws, and i think the TTLX draws so much of the popo's unwanted attention because it looks and sounds so much like a dirtbike - at least mine does.

so i'm looking for more of the classic moped styling, something that will let me ride under the radar in the city.

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