WTT: Custom Maxi for Top Tank

I've spent the past couple of years working on my Maxi, but it is now time to part ways in search of a new project. Located in the Bay Area, Sacramento area.

If you have a top tank you'd consider trading for this beaut, I'm interested.

Case matched k-star, tecno boss, PHBG w/ K&N, stock crank, Treats CDI (the one that works), Magnum-length fork, drop bars, custom hard tail, robo swingarm to accommodate 2.75" GP1's, custom-made switch plate for lights and kill. Runs strong, though jetting could be better. Already titled.

Custom powdercoat - wheels and brake levers in blood-red metal flake by Motomatic, frame in flat black, and other parts in a custom mixed black flake. Seat was reupholstered with black ostrich skin.

Note: stand and filter are different from picture.


Re: WTT: Custom Maxi for Top Tank

that's a sharp bike

Re: WTT: Custom Maxi for Top Tank

holy K&N batman!

ostrich, G.

gl w/ trade

Re: WTT: Custom Maxi for Top Tank


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