FS: (SF) Maxi Frame 15$

Hey all I have a maxi frame (swing arm/no forks)that needs some love. Don't really know the history of it (has bourbon bandits written on it though) but I got it from an MA guy last year and never did anything with it. Its pretty rusted in the tank, but doesn't look close to rusting through. posted on craiglist, but was stupid and it was the day before I moved and never got around to responding to emails.

15 obo

I am in Pac heights/japantown.

please email, so I don't have to search for this thread.


Re: FS: (SF) Maxi Frame 15$


Re: FS: (SF) Maxi Frame 15$

Ahh, I remember that frame.

Re: FS: (SF) Maxi Frame 15$

got any fun stories about it? soon to be mine.

Re: FS: (SF) Maxi Frame 15$

WAAAHHHHH!!! How did it get there?!?! That's Mark Ryan's handiwork. Hand painted by Mr. Mark Ryan (Chariker)...

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