FS: Tiny Tach Commercial

bought this in like 2006, has 111+ hours logged on it.

The thing still works great, in good condition.

They have a sealed, "non-replaceable" 3v lithium battery that is supposed to last 5+ years. but if it took a dump i always imagined myself just hacking it open and putting a new battery in it from radioshack or something, then gluing or electrical taping it back together. settings adjustable to run any style of engine with up to 12 cylinders. .5 second refresh rate, 19999 rpm.

$65 retail + shipping

yours for $40 shipped.


Re: FS: Tiny Tach Commercial

very interested, can i get a picture?

Re: FS: Tiny Tach Commercial

just noticed a small place where my magneto rubbed through the wire insulator. but it still works fine, i'll tape it up nice.

Re: FS: Tiny Tach Commercial


Re: FS: Tiny Tach Commercial


Re: FS: Tiny Tach Commercial

$30 shipped today deal!

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