WTB: Peugeot 103 electrical


In need of the whole stock setup including the flywheel. All I have is a rusty 2 coil stator plate with nothing on it.

Email me, even if you just have part of it.

Thanks everyone

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Re: WTB: Peugeot 103 electrical

i should ask a doctor to check out this BUMP

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get puch stuff. lots of stuff on converting to puch ignition if you search posts. and you could throw a 12v lighting coil from treats on there. your still gonna need points and condenser, but treats got that too.

real peugeot electrical stuff is crap.

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Agreed. Still need:

a flywheel

a job

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Re: WTB: Peugeot 103 electrical

yo i got a nasty flywheel. no nut, and its ugly. but it'll work 15 shipped. shit make it 20 and i'll throw in a set of used but functional points. email me.

as for the rest of it, get a new condenser from 1977, cuz they have the internal one w/ the screw top. and get one of those red "universal" external coils from treats, and whatever lighting coil. somebody on here's gotta have a puch internal ignition coil. it's best to get the condenser and the ht coil new, as they will break after 20 years or so whether they are used or not.

i can talk you thru wiring it up. the puch ignition is well worth tracking down. and your lighting coil might even still be good. search some old posts, like "peugeot igniton" and "peugeot spark" lots of my own quest for spark should come up as well as well as lots of great pug advice from peugeot gurus like eric sabatino.

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