fs puch 17" 5 stars

i bought these from treats for 180 dollarz. they need brakeplates (same as puch spoke) and the front needs new loose bearings and axle. the rear might be good to go maybe but who knows really (sealed bearings rear).

i painted the front white, and i'm stripping the rear to paint it white, as well. or not, if you are going to powder them or something, i just use spraypaint. (that nice shit; montana!)

but uh, yeah, i'm going in a different direction, so i need the cashola. no shipping, i'm lazy. located in sacramento!

gimme yr best offer, but i ain't no dummy either.


Re: fs puch 17" 5 stars

why would someone pay 180, when will sells them complete for 170 shipped? Just so ya know !

Re: fs puch 17" 5 stars

i paid 180 because will wasn't selling them when i bought them. i'm not asking 180 for them, i said send me offers. and someone might actually pay more for them for a local pickup instead of waiting for shipping.

Re: fs puch 17" 5 stars

wills are cheap but beat to hell, i would have been happy to pay an extra $10 and not spend the 5+ hours of sanding and cleaning....

Re: fs puch 17" 5 stars

- Summerai - Christine L /


Re: fs puch 17" 5 stars

i'll even throw in the can of paint i used so you can do touch ups if you need to! it's a $7.50 value! haha

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