JCPenney Pinto

I am selling a 1978 JCPenney Pinto. I bought it not running, but got it running. When it runs it makes a strange noise and sometimes bogs out. I'm sure this moped has potential, but I don't want to tear into it (I have other projects). It comes with the side covers.

$200 obo

I live in South Eastern Michigan

If you are interested please call (586)-566-5165 if there is no answer leave a message

Pictures are available apron request.

Thank you


Re: JCPenney Pinto

Tony montana /


Re: JCPenney Pinto

im interested and live in mich. pics man pics

Re: JCPenney Pinto

blahhhhhhhhhhhhh, i would kill for a pinto.

Re: JCPenney Pinto


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