FS: 1978 Motobecan 50V

This Motobecane 50 V was born June 1978. I have valid plates and all the paperwork for it. I got it last year as a basket case. It features:

- Mag wheels with new bearings

- Michelin Gazelles in good condition

- NEW bushings for the engine mounts

- NEW piston

- NEW rings

- a hemi(!) high-compression head

- NEW Dellorto 16:16 carb

- a Simonini racing pipe with a chamber designed for high-end power

- NEW pedal cranks for clearance around that big ol' pipe

- NEW pedals

- NEW light bulbs

- NEW spark plug cables

- NEW condenser

- NEW belt

- NEW beefier black aftermarket pulley

- NEW choho chain

- NEW locking gas cap.

I have all the original covers, the little tool compartment that goes under the seat on top of the rear wheel, and lots of random bits. I also have a print version of the manual.

The throttle has been modified for full range of slide motion on the Dellorto carburetor (i.e. it opens up all the way). All the original wiring has been removed and hardwired. Brakes work great. All the bearings are new and recently lubricated.

The caveats: The triple tree top plate is welded to the steering tube where the headset nut would go. It's a solid weld, though. If you ever needed to replace the fork an angle grinder would do the trick. The tail light housing got busted by a drunk when the bike was parked one night, so the lens and reflector are intact but held together with gaffers tape. The seat had some tears in it which were also repaired with gaffers tape.

This bike rips for a stock 50 cc cylinder, and is just itching for a kit. Check out the videos. I apologize for the crappy quality; they're from my cell phone.

Asking $750 as I have about $650 in this bike and did a lot of work on it, but feel free to make me an offer, I'm quite open to negotiation.

For more pictures and videos, check out this blog posting I made:


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