WTB PA50ii stuff!!

Wanna convert the PA50i I just got to a PA50ii and need some stuff for it. It would be rad if someone out there has all the stuff I need and could ship it all together, but I'm not going to get picky.

I need:

PA50ii cylinder

PA50ii ramp plate

PA50ii reedblock

I'd probably also buy a PA50ii intake and/or carb if you have one, but that's not as important.

Let me know what you got. Thanks!

Re: WTB PA50ii stuff!!

i have a cylinder with piston, a carb with intake (needs to be cleaned), and i think i have another reedblock. email me, and we can talk price.

are you buying an aftermarket exhaust? a pa50i stock exhaust wont work on a pa50ii cylinder without modification.

Re: WTB PA50ii stuff!!

Emailed you Alex.

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