Couple za-50 parts

Have a good ZA-50 stock crank--$40 shipped?

some za cases that someone started matching to something with big ports. it's not bored for an 80, but the ports are bigish like an 80(they need to be smoothed out) $30 shipped

18t sprocket- 12 shipped

some other crap too when i find it.

Re: Couple za-50 parts

Any tranny parts?

I think I need one or two random parts that I don't know the name of.

If you do have some tranny guts I will get a picture of what I need.

Re: Couple za-50 parts

I have everything but the clutches.

send me photos!

Re: Couple za-50 parts


I will get some pictures of my defective components.

Re: Couple za-50 parts

email sent


Good stator and flywheel _$40 shipped for the pair, or $25 if you need one or the other.

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