fs 1978 puch maxi sport $ 550

For sale 1979 puch maxi sport in exc condition

with low miles, silver in color with the 2 hp

e50, and it's all stock with title. I can send pics

if interested. Steven gtoz44@gmail.com

Re: fs 1978 puch maxi sport $ 550

not worth nearly that much. if you went down to 300 id probly have someone to buy it

Re: fs 1978 puch maxi sport $ 550

tell you what, if you're located near chicago, would sell it for 400, and it's 50cc or under, we might just have a deal.

Re: fs 1978 puch maxi sport $ 550

Steven, I am still willing to buy it for $350. I'm in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Re: fs 1978 puch maxi sport $ 550

Why do people dog prices so much? I see non running maxis go for $250 lightning fast... So for a nice one it's only worth $50 more? Bump for a nice condition complete bike! At least he's not like the Butcher and gonna part it out!

Re: fs 1978 puch maxi sport $ 550

yea i hate low ballers, seem like people look for handouts. They should see some of craiglist prices. Some dude in my state says maxis rebuilt between 600-800 with no title. Probably our chicago prices !


Re: fs 1978 puch maxi sport $ 550

wanna buy moped in nyc or ithaca,ny /

where is the bike located?

Re: fs 1978 puch maxi sport $ 550

I paid $200 for a pinto with a shot seat/cables and needing a rebuild (I got buck fever, I guess). But I'm happy to have it; fixed up, these are selling (no title) for 500-700 around here. I could get $400 easy for the bike as it sits, having been only 65% worked over and motor rebuilt, and I only have about $50 (and some fun time) into it.

$550 is a good moderate asking price, $350 is low.

my 2c

Re: fs 1978 puch maxi sport $ 550

Yeah, I've been getting low balled on my sport ls too. I got it from the original owner with title, bill of sale, and this CLEAN 319 original mile ped. so far the speedometer reads 498.9 its 2 hp, runs beautiful.

hey, you could always keep the ped if noone wants to pay ;3

Post pixs of your ped.

Also, Steven, If you have an airbox for a Trac for sale, let me know, I NEED one.

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