Garelli Sprocket

I have a garelli VIP and i am in need of a larger front sprocket. I have a 12 tooth on it right now and am having a little trouble locating a bigger one than that. 13 or higher would be preferable. If you can help me out please email me. Thanks

Re: Garelli Sprocket

I bought a 13 that didn't work on my NOI, I think is for the VIP. 13Z right on it, brand new. I will try to get you a pic in a little while.

Re: Garelli Sprocket

what size is your rear gear? mine came stock with 10/36 or 3.6:1 ratio.

if you're running a 36 rear, you've got 3:1 with the 12t

getting a 13t will bring you to 2.769:1

if you still have the stock 10t, get a tomos 28t rear for 2.8:1

same as the 13 / 36 you're looking for.

i had to open up the holes 1.1mm, then make sure to center the gear.

for it to work.

Re: Garelli Sprocket

Looked for the sprocket I promised earlier but it was kind of dark out and my brain was tired. I will look after I wake up in the daylight.

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