FS moped garage sale 3.0

Posts with pics begin tomorrow...

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

Ok as we begin moped garage sale 3.0 things to know...

A bunch of photos to load in this thread so this may take a while. To browse the flickr account go here:


Prices are listed as shipped or "+ shipping" take note shipped is to the lower 48 only.

I have a bunch of moby stuff listed including a project bike, feel free to make offers on parts off the project bike that are not priced separately, if you would like to buy the entire project bike and all, ALL of my motobecane parts you can have them for $70 pickup only.

I will not be able to get parts shipped until the 18th of June but go ahead and email me with what you want. Paypal only.

I have more stuff to list than I will get up today so check back.

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

can i have pics of the speedos up close, any go over 35-45??

i like the rectangle one with the tan face

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

1: Moby speedo cable, used, functional $4.00 + shipping

2: Puch speedo cable, used functional $4.00 + shipping

3: Puch horn, functional

4: Moby huret speedo, has the bubbles in the corners as is their way. 1770 on odometer. works $12.50 shipped

5. Puch 30 mph one speed speedometer, has a hazy line on glass but works well, 670 on odometer. $12.50 shipped

6: VDO 40 mph puch compatible speedo good condition functional 2300 on odometer. $17.00 shipped

7: Puch 30 mph two speed speedo good color, functional 5500 on odometer $13.00 shipped

8: Puch speedo bucket decal peeling a little $4.00 + shipping

9: Moby huret 30 mph speedo doesn't work, no needle $5 + shipping

10: Speedo light socket and bulb $4.00 + shipping.

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

cant get any more picture in the next couple weeks. The vdo goes to 40 as written. Moby speedos - rectangle only go 30mph.

Ok why cant I figure out how to link these right in to the thread...

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

How's the engine on the project bike? A project in itself or does it run?

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

im gonna GPS my bike, then decide if i should get a speedo lol

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

well I guess you have to go to the flickr to see pics...

11: Maxi book rack and grab bars some mild pitting $5 + shipping

12: Maxi pedals, sprocket, shaft and pedal arms. Sprocket side pedal arm is a little bent. $7 + shipping

13: Moby pedal and drive chains complete with master links $10 + shipping

14: Moby tool box parts. Center $3, side cover $3 - plus shipping

15: Moby taillight complete, good shape $15 shipped.

16: moby pulley - minimal pitting, missing the spring portion to the switch. $4 + shipping

17: moby pully - rusty, complete and functional $4 + shipping

18: Moby drive sprocket $4 + sihpping

19: Complete moby rear parcel rack/fender chrome package, minor pitting should polish $4 + shipping

20: Moby rear shocks, some corrion, work $12 shipped

21: Moby cylinder, nice bore, stripped exhaust threads as is their way $4 + shipping

22: Moby pedals and shaft, seem straight $8 + shipping

23: Moby stock gurtner carb, all there except for airbox $10

24: moby stock carb intakes $4 + shipping

25: Moby stock exhaust $4 + shipping

26: Moby stock swing arm $5 + shipping

27: Moby stock fender, straight $7 + shipping

28: Moby project bike, bent up rear wheel, make and offer on any parts. Remember you can have all the moby parts for $70 pickup only.

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

The bike was running albeit crappily before I got it. But it would need everything gone through. Ideal for parts though. Has another carb on it too.

If someone can tell me how to get to the source image on flickr so I can embed these in the thread I would appreciate it. I have done it before, can figure it out now though.

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

I have a bunch of tomos stuff to put up in a couple weeks too.

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

put a ! in front and after the link like

! (insert link without a space) !

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

No, Flickr sucks anymore and the links never seem to link so don't bother.

bump for ya.

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

Yeah I know how to do the ! but I cant get the location of the image from flickr...

Well I will linkify the photo set at least... see the comments they have all the info.


Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

Yeah you should use photo bucket.

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

I am interested in the moby / moby parts. I will email you shortly.

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

§ćŗάτçλmªřċ • /

right click on pic / properties / copy imageurl (test)...

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

Yeah I cant get properties to come up with my right clicky...thanks for posting those.

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

it's all about photobucket for posting pics...

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

id like the maxi rack and grab bars if they're not taken any rough idea on shipping cost?

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

If you email me with your postal code I will get you a total

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

i want that moped well the puch

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

i'll take a toolbox (both sides and centerpiece) and nicer pulley, shipped to 17313

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

40mph VDO??? I'll buy it. Give me a paypal address,and it's done!

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

Someone has dibs on the moby and its related parts, if something catches your eye feel free to send me an email and I will keep a list in case something changes, but most likely that stuff is gone.

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

vdo still available. elliot emailed about the rack.

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

You wouldnt by chance still have the moby stock gurtner car or any other carb for a motobecane would you. I also might be interested in your exhaust.

My postal code is 54943 for shipping



Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

I do but someone has dibbed all my motobecane parts.

Re: FS moped garage sale 3.0

Sale continues, only the motobecane parts have been dibbed. I will have a tomos a3 bike to post next week too.

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