FS: 79 Puch Magnum, 47 milesr

OK, here is the story on this bike. About 7 or 8 years ago I bought 3 Puch Magnums from a lady in Cincinnati.

She told me her husband bought these bikes new in 79. One for him, one for her and one for their son. She said they rode the bikes the day they got them and never rode them again after that. One had 44 miles, one had 45 miles and one had 47 miles.

She said they have been sitting in her garage for over 20 years.

This lady lives in Indian Hill in Cincinnati. Thats where all the millionaires live. A guy I know is the trash collector up there and he saw the bikes sitting in the garage when he picked up the trash. He said they all looked like brand new, but I didn`t really believe him until I saw them.

I went to see the lady and asked her if they were for sale and she said yes. Her husband had died years ago and her son was grown and gone and she said she wanted them out of the garage.

These bikes were mint and that is the actual miles on them. But, they rode the bikes one day, parked them and let them sit for 20 years with gas in the tanks.

I took them home , cleaned the carb and the tank on one, got it running and sold it to a guy in Wisconsin for $1,200. I never touched the other two for six more years. Finally a good friend , talked me into selling him another one for $1,000.00.He took it just the way it was, rust in the tank and the carb. But he didn`t care if it ran or not.

Now I have said I would never sell the third one .But I have said that about a lot of other things over the years. But I have finally decided to let it go.

I have never had it running since I owned it, It has some rust in the tank like the other two. To be honest, the bike has not been stored like it should have been and it is not quite as nice as the other two but it is still about as nice and original as they come.It has some rust spots here and there and it needs to be cleaned . It needs to be taken apart and every piece cleaned and polished and reassembled. It has the tire pump and the tool kit but I don`t have the fork lock keys or any paperwork. Like a dumb ass, I let a guy talk me into selling him the side covers, thinking I could find a mint set later. But I was wrong. I do have a decent set that I will throw in the deal but they are far from mint.

So, here is the bottom line. I will sell the bike for $800.00. No more, no less. This is not an auction . I will sell the bike to the first person that shows me the money. So don`t offer me more than $800.00 to hold it for you or none of that stuff. Again, the first person that hands me the cash or pays me through paypal at: ikefist@gmail.com gets it. I can hold it for as long as necessary after it is paid for. I will ship the bike . But only through U-SHIP and the buyer makes all the arrangements and pays the fee.

I can send more pics and you can call me at 937-515-0605 for more info.



Re: FS: 79 Puch Magnum, 47 milesr

bump, I wish I had the cash!

Re: FS: 79 Puch Magnum, 47 milesr

damnnnn!!! fresh-n-so clean clean! freeeeeeee bump!

Re: FS: 79 Puch Magnum, 47 milesr

B. P. Gretenhart /

Wow. 1200 is a lot for a stock bike. 800 is better. Sure looks nice. It will find a good home I'm sure.

Re: FS: 79 Puch Magnum, 47 milesr

I have a pretty minty set of magnum sidecovers in the shed.if someone buys this and needs some

Re: FS: 79 Puch Magnum, 47 milesr


Thanks, Andrew !

Re: FS: 79 Puch Magnum, 47 milesr

Damn! Nice!

Re: FS: 79 Puch Magnum, 47 milesr

HOLY FUCK I JUST CAME, just wondering, how much did you buy the three magnums for from the old lady? and do you still have pics of the other two just for ha-has?

Re: FS: 79 Puch Magnum, 47 milesr

Re: FS: 79 Puch Magnum, 47 milesr

jesus dude, i just came three times. how much did the old lady charge you for the three?

Re: FS: 79 Puch Magnum, 47 milesr

Timmy Southpark /

some secrets are best left untold!

They were nice magnums, i saw them first hand. Ike are you quiting the moped business? You've downsized almost all of what you had.

Also, any tips on getting those pryer wheels off the axle? Can seem to get them to budge. -jimmy

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