treats pullers

out of stock??

someone needs to go there and set them straight on this deal, and what a deal, 10, no, 15 pullers!!!

all for the low, low price of one easy payment of....


what, are they crazy? they must be to let these go so cheap

gee, no wonder they're out of them


shipping and handling extra, other costs may apply, prices subject to change without notice, yaddayaddaetcet

Re: treats pullers

ebay sells them too

Re: treats pullers

best thing ever.

I have been rocking mine for like 3 years now.

have yet to find a moped i can not pull.

Re: treats pullers

i have a set too.

they are great.

along with a universal 3 legged case splitter (Tusk)and i can

open any moped or motorcycle engine made.

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