FS: Misc Parts

Got a mash of parts that I need to sell:

Magura left brake assembly w/ brake lever and long clutch lever - $15shipped

Tomos Sprockets - 20T rear, 25T front, 26T front, 31T front - $12shipped each

Moby stock intake - $8shipped

Blue pedals that say "honda" - $12shipped

Complete Tomos headlight w/socket - $25shipped

Stock Tomos crank - $40shipped

Tomos Targa frame, no petcock no gas cap, bill of sale included - $75shipped

Puch rear 17" wheel spokes + nipples-35spokes,36nipples- $20shipped

Puch rear leileu 17" wheel brake plate + hub, no brakes

Puch front fender, silver? - $20shipped

Puch saddle seat w/post + bicycle seat w/post-bicycle post fits in the Puch frame - $20shipped

First come first serve..email or whatevs..Paypal my email..rad..let's do this..

Re: FS: Misc Parts

sentcha an email

Re: FS: Misc Parts

Emails returned..

SOLD: 20T rear sprocket, and Targa Frame.

Re: FS: Misc Parts

Bump for some parts that need to be sold...

SOLD: 31T front sprocket

Re: FS: Misc Parts

still got the left brake assembly?

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