FS Project moby $70 Madison wi

Yup yup, black project moby for sale. All there except rear rim should probably be replace and no seat, no title. I was going to build a racer but never got to it. I have to move so someone come get it. I am around all weekend. Send me an email.

Cant really do wrong on sub-hundo mopeds

Re: FS Project moby $70 Madison wi

I wish I could drive to madison...

Any chance of a higher price for delivery to minneapolis, if you're ever in this area?

Or is this a pick up deal only?


Re: FS Project moby $70 Madison wi

Pat! Call me! 770-4895. I want. Title? Don't mater. Hook it up.

Re: FS Project moby $70 Madison wi

if you were in michigan, i would jump on this.

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