KTM Clutch For Tomos

Well guys, it's finally there. Aftermarket KTM clutches for Tomos engines.

Fully adjustable in engagement RPM's, run even with the sickest setups (like 15hp+ machines) and last extremely long. The pads hardly wear, and allows for perfectly times slip and wheelie power ( if wanted ;) )

About Myself:

My name is Dennis Kreeft, I'm 20 years old, and I study International Business in The Hague in The Netherlands... I build and customize mopeds and build my own racebikes, but my love is the tomos engine. It has so much Potential, being it's easy adjustments to create a reed inlet @ case, or Liquid Cooled. But the general issue with the engine is always the clutch. Whenever you hit 5-6HP it just continuously dies on you.

Well, not with this clutch Haha.

The deal is as follows:

I weld a tomos 1st clutch insides (the teeth which go onto the crank) onto a KTM 50sx clutch, and provide the clutch with spacer rings to fit into your original tomos clutch housing.

By using the Belleville spring method (calculation required for you enthousiasts..) you can fully adjust your clutch from a nice street setup to a full blown racer setup.

Because of the spacers you can just mount a new clutch housing if the needle bearing inside your housing breaks (which it often does when handling lots of power, it's just a flaw from tomos...).

Now, Pictures:

Welding.... TIG of course


The Clutch (Credit to MattoloGAR for the pics)

Now the interesting part:

I can get them ready made for your tomos engine for:


Approximately 110-125 $

(subject to change)

This is excluding shipping, but as I will want to ship not one but 10 at the same time for example your shipping costs shouldnt be more than 5-10$

Shipping takes 8-14 days.

Therefore I'm cool with distributing them piece by piece, but then shipping is like 35$ a clutch which most will find expensive.

Hence i'm looking for an enthousiast to distribute them alongside you guys, Simplifies things for me (1 adress) and simplifies things for you (a guy in the states you can call for info on the shipping).

The clutches come with a manual on adjusting them, and getting them to run right.

Please let me know what you guys think of this,

Keep It Shredding


Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

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Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

man, i really miss the sound of my hpi/ktm clutch puch.

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

_my love is the tomos engine_

if enough of us in PA/MD are interested i'll order some. email me

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

rob, count me in, im sure kellan would be down too

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

Hey Dennis, I real interested in purchasing four sets of these. I emailed you but don't think it went. I am away from my home computer for a few days and not sure if you got it. Useingy iPhone. Let me know something asap. Thanks

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

Timmy Southpark /

Rob, I interested but i'm in cincinnati, could i help on your order?

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

Hey Rob, do(will) you ship?

I just like the idea of adjustabitiy.

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

Rob, if I can pull together enough money I will be down for one. let me know when your ready to order if you do.

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

i'm ordering. hope they workout well-

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

WLR will be all over this

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

Dusty, I got your mail and replied to it. It looks like i'll be making 4 sets for Dusty and 5 sets for Rob asap. (2 weeks they should be done)

Also looking into maybe getting 1977 adopting these sets, would make it easier for everyone. I tried Treats some time ago, and they responded enthusiastically, but never heard anything back from them after that. On to the next one I guess then, although i'd prefer going through a wholesaler as it would make things much easier for everyone.

Oh and BTW, concerning Warranty:

I offer 2 months of full warranty on the machined work, concerning welding and so on. Unfortunately I cant offer warranty on the pads themselves as there's always that one person out there who doesn't run the correct oil or something like that. If however the pad breaks due to MY mistake because of milling them too thin for example you will be reimbursed for that.


Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

thanks for the warranty!

mind if use this line when talking up the ladies?

_I study International Business in The Hague, Netherlands. I build and customize mopeds and build my own racebikes, but my love is the tomos engine_

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

WLR's want them. email me

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

The Weak-Ends would like 3 of those clutches. Dennis if no one has stepped up yet to distribute these in the US, I'll do it for you. I'm positive those clutches will fit in a flat rate box @$5.95US and be shipped anywhere in the US. Email me if you want to do it and discuss details. Thanks.

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

I definitely want one of these also if it will work on my A55 motor. You can ship it to one of the other guys in the US and they ship it to me would be cool with me. Let me know where to send Paypal to and for what amount. We can work out US side shipping costs later.

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

Thanks a million. I am sure that we can order more in the near future. Not sure why but I having a hard time getting emails threw my iPhone and I am out of town. Can send you a proper email on Tuesday when I get home. Ps let me know if I need to send some cash to secure the deal and I will be more than happy to.

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

Im in for one as well for sure. PLEASE

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

DAM' Fairchild /

i want one too. tomos a35 will be a sweet build.

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

brilliant work dennis, and you've got the savvy to make it a business move. no tomos for me, but it's a great piece either way!

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

Hey guys, these clutches will be available from a shop in NJ next week. Only they will be called MTK clutches.

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

Good one Ike, hopefully others get the joke!

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

hey ill take a set also!!! let me know who to pay!

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

Okay guys, preferably I would like it if you guys could mail me about this as It's hard to keep track now of who wants what and how many.

Right now I have an order of 15 clutches in total, this include's Dusty's 4 and Roburito's 10.

Ps. Nobody here tight with anyone at 1977 mopeds? It would be so much easier for me for you guys to wholesale them to 1977. This would mean you guys would also have a US contact adress, and spare parts possibly available...

Just ordered 20 clutches for me to modify, The guy was like WTF, understandable i guess?


Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

I'm going to want a set!! Been oooglin these on Mattology's bike for a while!

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

Just keep them coming with good quality control and you will sell many. There is a lot more demand beyond this thread

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

Bump, let's make this happen

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

It's happening, I'm making 6 this weekend to send to Dusty who will premiere them at a rally and then most probably take on the role of distributor.

I also mailed Treats again, let's see if their interested.

Dennis Kreeft

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

Garodney Gentzel Motor City Riots /

Will this work in my 95 targa?? Is the clutch for the 2 speed??

I'm a newbie just making sure it works for both first and second gear I thought there were 2 different clutches.... I have not had to open mine yet...

Re: KTM Clutch For Tomos

Yes this will work on any 2 speed engine for Tomos. It's a first gear setup only. In the future the real racers might be able to get a 2nd gear off me, but that's not planned to hit mass production anytime soon.

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