WTB: Puch Polini Ring

Do you have an extra Puch Polini piston ring you could sell me? I broke mine last night. Going to Cinci? I'll be there, otherwise hit me up via email. my bike will forever love you! thanks a million!

Re: WTB: Puch Polini Ring

I got one on smeared piston but I doubt you would get it in time.

Re: WTB: Puch Polini Ring

hells yeah! Benji hooked it up hooked it up. so my bikes dreaming of treatland right now and ripping up cinci. I am dreaming too. dreaming of how this kits going to rip after I follow Shaw's lead and relieve a couple thousands of an inch off the piston crown where all the clipping is happening. yes yes


thanks so much Salty for lookin out.

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