fs 78 express

i have a honda express for sale. it needs a . . .

rear wheel


head light

and possibly coil . .

it is mostly there it even comes with two tires. the gas tank is emaculate even has the original caps for the tank. has a good carb

and the seat only has a small tare in it. its orange with a brown seat

i need 350 for the hole thing. you could easily make that in parting it out. i would but im moving and dont have room or time email me if interested


Re: fs 78 express

knock off 300 and maybe it would sell, pics help, o yeah thats not a moped!

Re: fs 78 express

ok when the carb sells for 150 on ebay i think 350 is reasonable. if i had pics i would post them. there are lots of mopeds posted on here that arent mopeds by deffinition. and why are you even looking at this post if you arent interested in the bike???

Re: fs 78 express

- Summerai - Christine L /

Doubt you will get $150 for a used

Express carb on Ebay. The street

value of your Express ranges from

50-100 bones tops... Just sayin..

Re: fs 78 express

- Summerai - Christine L /

I could see a minty, running

Express, w/ title going for that,

like on Craigslist or somehting..

Re: fs 78 express

the imput is kool but the parts alone will bring it if i have to i will part it later

Re: fs 78 express

- Summerai - Christine L /

ebay would be your best bet if you

are looking to get that much out

of an express..

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