FS/T 1979 Tomos

I picked up this tomos the other day. I got it running really nicely so now I am no longer interested in it.

She runs and drives and starts nicely.

It is the good kind, i.e. the A3 SP sport which basically means it can do 30mph, has a long seat and a keyed ignition.

There are 2 rips in the seat and the chrome is pitted in spots but in general its pretty good looking.

Tank is pretty damn clean too.

New tire/tube in the back, not so new one in the front. They both hold air though and the brakes are nice and grabby.

Looking to get like 320 or trade for performance parts for pretty much anything that's not french.

Also interested in a hobbit. I want one again and it looks like one just got away from me.

I will get pictures up tomorrow.

I am up in Madison. Like 1 1/2 hours from Milwaukee, like 2 1/2 from Chicago O'hare.

Re: FS/T 1979 Tomos


Re: FS/T 1979 Tomos

cmon man I know I been leaving stuff in your garage for a long time....

JK So you picked up another old tomos?

Re: FS/T 1979 Tomos

Yeah I picked up like the older brother to the one you have stashed in my garage.

We can swap my carb onto yours next time to see what the deal is with yours.

I am actually thinking about swapping to a SHA because the encarwi on mine intermittently leaks/doesn't leak gas. If I do you can use mine.

Re: FS/T 1979 Tomos

Ok here are the pictures.

Its actually pretty kick ass. I actually rode it and my maxi II with a ZA50 today back to back and I gotta say the tomos has the edge.

Re: FS/T 1979 Tomos

We will talk on Wednesday. I might take that thing off your hands. We'll see...

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