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For Sale 2 indian mopeds. One is an "81" the other year unknown. One has snowflake wheels the other wire. Buy both and make one great indian classic. Also selling a 2002 tomos moped. Kick start, runs great.

I hate to get rid of them but I am in a position that requires me to sell. Would post pics but currently can't get to the bikes till after the 25th. I am looking for the best reasonable price. These are located in Springfield, Ma. and will need to be picked up there. Like I said I wouldn't get rid of them but the money is need for divorce. Makes me sad but needs to be.

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forgot to the put everything in subject.

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would like to see pics, please tell more about the indians. interested. sorry to hear about the divorce, best of luck.

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I wish I had the pics. I can't even get near them or any of my other stuff till after the 25th. The "81" has the key and lock on tank and for the front forks. the other doesn't. No gut eating rust, just surface. seats in great condition. The other one has the original indian tires still on it. also has the original indian battery. Hope this helps some.

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