Need Motobecane Engine

I just got back from military training and finally have some time and money to get my 1980 Motobecane traveler so I am in need of a full engine, carb, exhaust the whole shindig. I live in Utah and will pay for shipping of course. It doesn't necessarily have to be an original Motobecane engine, I'm really not looking to restore it so much as just play around and see what I can do. email me if you have anything either an engine or possibly where I can find one for I don't regular the forums here that often but I will check as much as possible.

Re: Need Motobecane Engine

you can buy every part of that motor new on or if your looking to spend the money, you can build some pretty cool stuff for that bike.

Re: Need Motobecane Engine

i just picked up a motobecane 50va as a throw in when i bought this dudes peugeot 102. the motobecane is a total parts bike. the engine turns over but i dont know the compression. i havent had a chance to clean anything but it is all there. let me know if your interested.

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