WTB: Sachs Parts

Things that I need (in decent condition):

-the metal bar for the coaster brakes


-all cables

-throttle assembly (magura with decomp and brake levers)

-Seville side covers and rear rack (or said items for Hercules with the same frame)

-taillight lens (rectangular, roughly 5.5 by 3.25 inches)

It's for one of these:

Thanks a lot!

Re: WTB: Sachs Parts

I just posted a bunch of stuff on another thread, go check it out.


Re: WTB: Sachs Parts

Got the throttle assembly. Thanks Travis!

Re: WTB: Sachs Parts


Re: WTB: Sachs Parts

picking up a sachs organ donor bike next weekend, will email you dibs if i have anything on your list and post afterwards

Re: WTB: Sachs Parts


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