wtb super light ped

I want to buy a moby 7, moby caddy, or variated ciao.

I am in ST.Louis, MO I wil pay shipping or try to make arrangements for pickup/delivery.

Re: wtb super light ped

derek from black pipes moped gang 🌧 /

I have a ciao frame. Email me if you're interested.

Re: wtb super light ped

not sure where you are, but there is someone on c/l here in Pittsburgh selling 2 Ciaos for $300

Re: wtb super light ped

I am in St.Louis, MO

I interested in a ciao if it has rigid seatpost. If it is variated I will go with springy seat or rigid seatpost.

Re: wtb super light ped

nerdzilla No mo Peds no mo /

theres a dude on here ray campagna? he had 2 7s he was willing to ship to me here in ohio... i have 2 now anyways. love em. (ps handybikes has all sorts of nos stuff for em! tanks, side covers chromey shit, and the 15mm intakes!)

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