EBR Forks Black

Frederick vdL /

Got these BLACK EBR Telescopic front forks in stock now, both available in the short or long version.

74.00 dollars, depending on the euro-dollar currency.

Short: 60cm (from tripple tree nut to bottom).

Long: 70cm (from tripple tree nut to bottom).


Fred / MoParts-Webshop.com

Re: EBR Forks Black

What's the shipping to 02144?

Re: EBR Forks Black

how much shipped to 01923?

Re: EBR Forks Black

Shipping to 02481 for a set of long ones?

What's with everyone is Mass needing forks?

Re: EBR Forks Black

How much for a set of the maxi size ones shipped to 68510

Re: EBR Forks Black

Frederick vdL /

You can check out shipping costs on our webshop!

It all depends on the total weight of the package. I believe these weigh about 3kg (will double check in a minute) - this puts the package into a 2-5kg category, which costs 34.20 euros (that is 42.10 US Dollars).

I guess it would make more sense, to make full use of the shipping costs, by buying more things.

Again, will post the exact weight in a bit, but under 5kg category for sure.

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