FS: Moby stuff Toronto

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Looking to sell in one whack. Best offer. I was just ripping around on the 40, fast! Only runs with choke on which made it interesting especially without the seat. Needs a petcock (gatorade bottle shows that, tank is good)

Have most parts for the others as well.

Best offer.

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Re: FS: Moby stuff Toronto

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bump. I also have some puch shit.

Re: FS: Moby stuff Toronto

Im in Toronto... and im always on the lookout for ped stuff... how much do you want for this?

Re: FS: Moby stuff Toronto

dear sir: i am looking for a rear drive pulley and pedal for the left side and cover for same side.do you have any that you could sell,and how much? also what are you asking for the one that runs that you listed?

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