FS 1979 vespa p200

i know this is not a ped but i hate vespa forums most people on them are douches.

i am selling my 1979 piaggio p200 vespa.

I would love to keep it but i need the money more.

It starts first kick and runs great shifts through the gears perfect

it has new tires and oil

it has a couple scratches here and there but does not look like it has every been layed down.

it has 8,310 miles on it wich is very low.

when i got it the cowlings and fender was pink so i sanded it and primed it.

you could get a new paint job on it or leave it how it is.

i think it looks awesome flat black.

its freeway leagle.

if you have any questions feel free to call or text

do not email or pm please call



Re: FS 1979 vespa p200

I wanna dress up like a stormtrooper and drive that bitch down to the cantina.

Re: FS 1979 vespa p200

thats pretty damn sweet. wouldnt mind knowing the asking price...

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