For Sale - one 2001 Tomos LX ..

15,000 miles .. runs but needs adjustments (and I have no workbench except my bed, and I'm too decrepit to work on the ground) .. new crankshaft, rings with 2000 miles, new sprockets, serviceable heavy duty chain, good tranny and clutch, no stripped nuts or bolts, decent rubber, good brakes, never been in an accident, toilet seat extra. Make an offer .. email Bob at

Re: For Sale - one 2001 Tomos LX ..

get it up there.

Re: For Sale - one 2001 Tomos LX ..

John Joedicke /

$100 and i will pick up.

Re: For Sale - one 2001 Tomos LX ..

Targapaddle De Canoeped /

What? $100? That bike is a historical artifact! It's been Ottawa to Victoria and return! It's been all over Ontario! It took me to family birthdays and reunions! Its workbench was my bed! It was yellow and decorated with crosses! It had scuff makrks where no other moped was ever scuffed! $100 my rear end. Give me $160 and it's yours. (Actually, it's sold already, I logged in to say it was sold .. to Dylan and Dylan. Cash paid. Sales order signed. Dylan's happy .. I'm happy .. yay .. now I have to resist temptation to load my credit card with a new one. Hope you get what you need.

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