robburrito ride wtb

I would like to buy a 70cc airsal piston or even any 70cc that still has life in it and has not been sieze. I softseized due to some jack ass riding my ass so close that i have nothing else to do but speed up =/

Re: robburrito ride wtb

Tyler Jacobson /

WTB ZA50 first gear and rollers.


Re: robburrito ride wtb

it's a HUMAN BURRITO ride

human burrito ride wtb

But still can any one help me out with a piston or 70cc kit would love to just have a piston but if not thats fine to

Re: human burrito ride wtb

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

IT'S A STOCK RIDE! haha plenty of stock cylinders and pistons- but dont bring broke mopeds!

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