WTB/T headlight for QT50. I have 79' to part out

I need a headlight lens for my 1984 QT50. Who knows, I might need one for my 1981 QT50 as well, but that at least works on Low beam half the time. I have the headlight bowl, lens cover, all that. I just need the lens itself and the three prong cables that attach to it.

I have a 1979 blue QT50 I am parting out. I can trade for parts or pay cash. The 79 is almost complete except for the throttle cable(the one that goes from the handle bars to the connector), The headlight lens, the speedometer box is there, but the plastic cover is cracked and has pieces missing, however, the black box part, the cover with the words is intact and clean, and the speedometer itself has a problem with the coil that controls the needle. I don't know if it can be fixed to work again or not.

The handlebar controls are both there,

both handle grips,

kick start lever,

both tires,

both fenders,

turn signals front and back, although there is some major rust on the inside metal parts,

Taillight is there with the license plate holders, but some genius stuck a nail where the left side screw goes and now its stuck in there pretty good. I'll let whoever try and get it out without breaking the lens cover themselves.

I have the battery cover, although faded somewhat,

the foot rests,

the top part of the cylinder,

The ignition coil is cracked but might still be usable with some sealant,

the frame is good,

the front forks, the rectifier,

the flasher relay, the cable harness,

the intake manifold,

the carb has a leak at the fuel drain screw, and also needs a new throttle spring, but otherwise has the pilot jet screw, the float, float pin, float do-hickey that goes in the hole behind the float, the gaskets, the rubber and plastic parts that go in the end that attaches to the intake manifold, the plastic part that fits into the air box,

ignition cables w/key,

gas tank, although rusted on the inside, and no gas cap, only oil cap and the top that screws down,

oil gauge is there,

seat it there but needs a new cover,

covers for the flywheel, and the rear wheel,

brake levers and wires,

ignition coil bracket, etc...

just name a part and I'll look and see if it's still there. the bike was 97% complete when I bought it, but it had been sitting in a guy's field for who knows how long. The engine is seized up, however I am able to move the kick start lever by small increments by shaking it and moving it by hand. I don't know what that means exactly, but I'll be taking it apart shortly to see what is still good on the inside. the fuel pump is there, sans cover, but I couldn't tell ya if it works or not seeing as I can't get the thing started. I can maybe post a pic later on today. Thanks.

P.S. I live in Tulsa, OK. So pick-up for the larger parts is recommended, as the shipping would be pretty expensive. Plus I'm always on the lookout for QT50 buddies, or just moped buddies, in my area. I'm always down to hang out and work on mopeds. K.

Re: WTB/T headlight for QT50. I have 79' to part o

I am interested in your ignition switch with the key for my Qt50, e-mail me here for details: shadow2727@charter.net

Re: WTB/T headlight for QT50. I have 79' to part o

Just do the halogen conversion for your qt headlight. it takes 10 minutes, and you'll not have to spend $70 on a NOS headlight - just $6 for a new halogen bulb if/when you burn one out. I did it on my old qt50. worked great, just lost the low/high option.

Re: WTB/T headlight for QT50. I have 79' to part o

How exactly do I go about doing that? I'm not familiar with "The halogen conversion." Can I take the lens itself apart? Or is it a whole new lens and bulb? I would love to know more.

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