Feeler OT:Trade my RD250 for your?

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I have a, i wanna say 74, Yamaha rd250 that has no title, but is mostly all there. It doesn't run right now, the carbs are off and i'm pretty the ones that came with it are junk. Big dent in the front right of the tank. The key switch has been ripped out for easy screwdriver access. Kicks over freely. Needs a chain and random things like that. I don't know if i wanna keep it or not, so i'm just looking to see if something is out there or if i HAVE to keep it. I'd love to have a honda s90, cb160, or some 60's thing with one of those big rad chromey tanks. Maybe something variated or puch.


Re: Feeler OT:Trade my RD250 for your?

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get it running

its not a 350 but its still rad

you will love it.

best small sportbike? maybe...

Re: Feeler OT:Trade my RD250 for your?

I believe that one is a '75. Its also one of the good ones with the disc brake.

Re: Feeler OT:Trade my RD250 for your?

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A street bike without a title is a parts bike. It can't be legally sold sorry :(

Re: Feeler OT:Trade my RD250 for your?

Oh hush...there are still plenty of states that don't title motorcycles that old.

RD250's are great bikes and a title isn't that hard to come by. Your trade goals are little lofty, but somebody might go for it. Personally I'd keep it and just grab a titled frame off Ebay.

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