FS: 1983 all black Hobbit/PA50-II w/kit, etc

Ryan N. /
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Oh boy so unfortunately this happened today... I stripped the threads on the case for one of the intake mounting bolts (I don't know how the hell it stripped because it wasn't hung up on a thread or anything of the sort). I tapped it out and it still wouldn't thread in and so now i'm pretty sure the only way to get it threaded is to die and then tap it from m6 to an m8. I don't have the time to take the motor off and take it somewhere to have this done SO... for your pleasure... I would like to sell the bike... as whole or in parts. Would definitely prefer as whole for $450.

This is what it's got:

"Upgraded" headlight so it's not sealed beam, replaceable. (original black headlight bucket)

Black Camino tank (rust free!)

6 roller Camino variator w/fast arrow ramp plate and rollers

Endurance belt (I have the original belt too)

70cc DR kit

Weak-Ends pipe (SERIOUSLY, brand spanking new and fucking rips...had to file it down a couple mm's to fit the DR kit so it would be better if I do part this out to buy the DR and Weak-Ends shit together, i'll give you a deal if I end up parting it out)

Lusito throttle and brake levers w/lusito grips (chrome)

LED rear tail light (real bright but flickers because well, it's an LED and isn't necessarily designed for this setup)

Boyesen dual stage reeds

Dellorto 21mm PHBG carb w/intake

New condensor

New points

New woodruff key

Speedo cable in good condition however the drive doesn't work

New, really long, throttle cable

Front wheel needs to be trued and rear wheel is in good shape, gears seem to be OK and I filled it up with oil not too long ago

Rear fender is bent from a wheelie accident, oops!

It has great compression and great spark.

Pics to come soon...

This bike was originally built up for me by the Shred Shed and then my newbie ass got addicted, learned a lot and then fucked up the threads on that one damn intake mount... at this point I just want to sell it because I have a Pinto project that I want to work on and I am VERY tired of having to deal with the shitty location of the carb on the hobbit... all the money goes to the Pinto project!

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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