Wanting to buy but completely confused

I know most of you will read this and laugh because I really have no idea what Im talking about when it comes to mopeds but Im looking to buy a moped thats in the style of the photo attached and I have no idea where to start. Ive read on here of a few people doing the modification themselves but that would be way over my head.

Ive been on a few bikes before and can drive a scooter.. so Im not totally in the dark but mopeds are a new thing for and I cant stand the style of the standard Tomos, etc.

I live in Long Beach, CA and someone linked me to the Choke store page. Im planning on visiting there Tuesday but if any of you have any other advice you can offer it would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Wanting to buy but completely confused

you need to decide how fast you want to go and do you want a top tank or step thru. cuz that pic was a small motorcygle

Re: Wanting to buy but completely confused

I'd recommend getting something that there are a lot of/a lot of knowledge about in your area. Makes finding spares much easier and cheaper.

Re: Wanting to buy but completely confused

Probably Fred /

You want top tank moped. I wonder why so many people want a top tank moped?

So what you want to do is take 1,000-2,000 out of the bank and watch cragslist close everyday and when one comes up for sale buy it.

Chokes is a great place for a custom moped also

Re: Wanting to buy but completely confused

The Bergeler /

Top tanks rule! They look like mini motorcycles.

Re: Wanting to buy but completely confused

thats a sears / allstate 125.

made by benelli around 1965-70

its a small motorcycle but designed in Italy so

it has that distinctive Italian style.

you have good taste.

look up benellis from that era.

also ducati

you will be the belle of the ball if you*re a girl riding

an Italian motorcycle

Re: Wanting to buy but completely confused

Thank you all for your help. Im gonna go down to Choke tomorrow and hopefully then I will have a better idea. Its just so happens that we are consolidating our three cars into two and a moped.. so I do have a little bit of cash to work with..

Again thanks. Ill keep you posted on my progress hah

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