puch 70cc

i have a 1977 blue puch maxi, i want to put a 70 cc kit on it.

does anyone in the massachusetts area have one for sale? or know where i can get one?

Re: puch 70cc

campeona del mundo /

sounds like you need to rock your bike stock for a while and get used to things before throwing a kit on your bike. figure out how to fix your shit because even stock they break down often. if you put a kit on your bike and don't do a good job then your going to be breakin shit right and left...that said when the day comes get lost within the magical depths of treats

Re: puch 70cc

yeah, you should at least get a pipe first, too

Re: puch 70cc

14mm bing, 64 jet, 18x40 gearing, and a shorty pipe mod from the wiki is all you need for now. learn what that stuff is and then you can graduate to the kitttttttt.

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