Motobecane parts

I have a few parts from my 1970 40V (yes it's a stock 40V not 40T) Motobecane that i'm looking to sell. I have done some upgrading and these are parts I no longer need but are still good.

- Front and rear fenders (great condition to what I have seen, but not perfect)

- Headlight (a little damaged)

- Saddle style seat (Original with Motobecane symbol)

- Pedals and pedal arms (original with motobecane symbol on the pedals)

That's all for now

I will have engine parts eventually for sale put not yet.

Best offer plus shipping and you can have one or all.

If you want pictures ask and I can get that done.

Re: Motobecane parts

hi. im interested in the saddle seat. can you post some pictures?

Re: Motobecane parts

I can, I will do so in the next day or so.

Re: Motobecane parts

I need the motobecane side cover sign. Is it in good condition? pics?

Re: Motobecane parts

I want a pic of the seat, and then I want to buy it


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