FS:2000 Aprilia RS50

Motor needs complete rebuild,crank rod snapped.

Cost of rebuild is ($200 for Stock 50cc 65mph) or ($550 for Malassio 80cc 97mph).After Market Leo Vince Pipe.KBB is $1740 on this bike.Will take trade on top tank mopeds or kitted step thru.$800 obo no shipping Louisville pick-up only.Motor is off the bike ready for rebuild, have boxes of parts that go with the bike.Armor Bodies Racing fairings,headlight never been mounted.Track issue bike


Re: FS:2000 Aprilia RS50

Timmy Southpark /

part it out, i'll buy the wheels. Or i'll give you a blue ttlx tomos, points, tecno hunter pipe, runs good.

Re: FS:2000 Aprilia RS50

Buyer on his way to pay $800.I wolud take you up on that trade if you travel here.Email me pics of tomos and top speed specs,carb,tires,intake etc.i have more pics also

Re: FS:2000 Aprilia RS50

tomos looks good man.lets work out a deal if my buyer drops out.he should be here within the hour i hope.thanks

Re: FS:2000 Aprilia RS50

Sold.thanks to all

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