WTB: puch 17" rear spoked wheel , have trades

i am in need of a rear wheel ASAP. straight and true please.

no need for brake plate but do need axle/bearings/etc. trying to find one of the wider ones with the grove down the middle for the spokes.

last thing i need to get my ped on the road so i don't have a lot of cash so i you could help me on the cheap it would be greatly appreciated. i dont have much but i would also be willing to trade any of the parts listed to help relieve my wallet.

items i have for trade, all puch:

maxi stock handlebars-bare, no controls, levers, grips

40mph speedo w/drive-no cable, 996 miles

gas cap w/ filler cup-kinda dinged up on top/has logo (see picture)

side rails -minor chips/rust

chrome fender- pretty nice, no stabilizer

purple fender that someone spray painted black but is now chipping off

white headlight shroud for the square, euro style headlights-new, kinda greasy but that will clean right up

incomplete 14 bing-missing needle and top stuff(see pic)

used maxi petcock

new long maxi side kickstand- like this one


long pedal shaft- don't know what it's for, it didn't work for me

brand new maxi headset- missing 2 bearings and some of the bearings sit loosely in the holder thingy

rear stock maxi shocks-spray painted red. has 10mm eyelets now cause i had to use the old ones.

blah. i think that it. not much but whatever. help me out!!!please!!!!

email me totals shipped to 50311. thanks!!!!


Re: WTB: puch 17" rear spoked wheel , have tr

*correction 12mm bing w/ 14 intake

sorry in a rush to do this

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