1980 Magnum mkii

Hello MA,

I want to trade this for a kitted ped. The speedo JUST stopped working has 870 showing.... No title.

I would like a kitted and Titled bike.... Let me know what you got.


Re: 1980 Magnum mkii

I am in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Re: 1980 Magnum mkii

ur bike is not titled but u want a titled bike? u should try getting a title 1st dude !

Re: 1980 Magnum mkii

I have a super fast moby with registration (its got a CA plate) ..no need for title here.

Re: 1980 Magnum mkii

Cali dnt need titles? so all u need is a bill of sale there to get plates?

Re: 1980 Magnum mkii

I have a Bratavus Bronco 1977. Just got it fixed up and its working good. Let me know

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