FS: puch brown seat, crank, forks & more

ok so i have for sale ::: (Prices = shipped)

Puch Brown Seat - couple small tears good shape though($30)

Super Stuffy Crank for E50($120)

3 shoe..comes with ONE blue spring for FREE! whaatadeel($25)

Magnum Length Dipper Forks($85)

hacked up estoril($25)

stock purple puch forks($45)

purple maxi swingarm($20)

E50 electricals($30)

puch headlight($20)

38.25mm puch piston(offer/free if you need it and buy something else)

and i also have a E50 with 2 stuck bolts. one pretty stripped. comes with no electrical but you do get a clutch. 2 shoes.

best offer.

anyone in Austin TX obviously gets dibs

trades for WHITE hobbit shocks/tank, hobbit kit, 19mm carb, hobbit pipe.


Re: FS: puch brown seat, crank, forks & more

also have magnum and maxi stands.

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