WTB: Kitted E50 $$$

Looking for a kitted E50. I'd like to buy a complete e50 that has already been rebuilt. Must be in good shape and have a performance crank. Perfect for anyone that needs some extra cash to start a new project. email me with what you have


Re: WTB: Kitted E50 $$$

Looking to spend a decent amount!


Re: WTB: Kitted E50 $$$

Conrad Conrad /

do you absolutely need a performance crank in there? I've got a rebuilt e50 with a polini on it that I might be willing to part with. It has a stock crank though. Has somewhere around 500-700 miles on it.

Re: WTB: Kitted E50 $$$

How fast does it go, and how much you willin to sell it for?

Re: WTB: Kitted E50 $$$

Pablo Puchasso /

Emailed ya dude.

Re: WTB: Kitted E50 $$$

Fish tits Krauthamer /

kitting a bike is easier than mounting an engine. i think your plan is a bad idea.

Re: WTB: Kitted E50 $$$

Still looking bump!

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