FS: Baretta 44 $100

It's mostly all there besides a throttle and the seat.

The tank is surprisingly clean, nothing a quick splash of evaporust wont completely wipe out.

The v1 is locked up, i'm assuming its just from sitting for a period of time with no plug. Haven't really dug into it because i'm not familiar with v1's. Fan shroud is cracked.

It's a little crusty overall. Forks+bars have rust, wheels are a bit rusty but it's all only surface rust. The part of the rear wheel i steel wool'd shined up nice.

$100. come get it out of my kitchen.

I have a set of 16" snowflakes that should fit this thing that i can throw on it for the right price.

With some time and effort this would make a really nice bike. I'd fix it up for sure but i don't have the time or money. I guess i could part it out if i had to.

I'll put up some pictures once i remember where i put my damn phone cable.

Re: FS: Baretta 44 $100

Re: FS: Baretta 44 $100

If you part out, Can I get the whole engine ?

Re: FS: Baretta 44 $100

I have a complete running v1...545 miles ..sale or trade

Re: FS: Baretta 44 $100

back to the front page for the night.

price is obo, open to trades maybe?

if you have an e50 crank and one of those alsil quiddich pipes then i'd trade straight up. maybe open to vespa stuff as well.

would trade this and a decent shape vespa for a hobbit.

Re: FS: Baretta 44 $100

if you were closer i'd be all over this. 100 is a steal.

Re: FS: Baretta 44 $100

back to page one.

Re: FS: Baretta 44 $100

did some digging in this thing.

Piston is stuck in the cylinder from rust from sitting with no plug. Crank does spin. Moves the cylinder with it because its stuck but it does turn.

Piston is stuck in the cyl with all the ports closed, so the crank should be just fine.

Transmission oil was clean and the transmission guts are in great shape.

Fan is toast but the flywheel and stator underneath are clean.

Should just need a top end and some general cleaning.

someone come get this. I have a cleaner front 16" spoke for the front.

for $50 more i'll put 16" snowflakes on this thing.

Re: FS: Baretta 44 $100

last bump before i take it completely apart and get the damn thing running and up the price.

Re: FS: Baretta 44 $100

also, $75 how it sits. $100 with a good spare top end.

Re: FS: Baretta 44 $100

emailed again

Re: FS: Baretta 44 $100

tentatively sold. probably going to toledo.

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