WTB Tomos magneto LOUISVILLE

Hey im looking for this part, im not even sure if that is what its called. Im looking for a complete one with points and lead wires. Or could anyone help me get this one back in working order. i think its missing a wire and im not sure if the points are good


Re: WTB Tomos magneto LOUISVILLE

i have a 12v stator that will work just lovely on a tomos, and im local. idk if it will work with your other parts (flywheel, coil, etc) but it worked when pulled last summer

Re: WTB Tomos magneto LOUISVILLE

How much you wanting for it? All the electronics on this bike are messed up. Im looking for the cheapest or easiest way to get a spark. How much are flywheels and coils that will work with that? are they easy to some by? would they bolt on? Im new to this and need some help. thanks

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