juice up my 78 pinto!

So I am trying to get some extra power out of my all stock pinto. Does anyone have any kits for sale that they aren't using? Pipes. My exhaust is pretty bad and I am using a bing 12. Everything is stock and I want this to be awesome. Still debating the bore increase but if there is a good one available for cheap I'm all for it. THanks

Re: juice up my 78 pinto!

Get a treats kit, a cheap pipe, a bigger carb (15-19) of your choice, a foam filter, and taller gears. If you do it right, you can hit 50 with decent acceleration.

Re: juice up my 78 pinto!

I am more worried about acceleration. Does anyone have any of this stuff I can buy?

Re: juice up my 78 pinto!

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

the cheapest way to get started on awesome would be this break>

right now the exhaust and carb are your weak spots. if you're handy drill out your carb and intake, and de-restrict your stock exhaust for free.

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