FS: Derbi Variant / flatreed

Right now the bike is not running. The little rubber caps fell off the carb and made an air leak. Haven't checked out the cylinder yet but it still turns over fine. Motomatic pipe got a dented baffle but I have the part to fix it.

I put a lot of money into this bike. I sourced a ton of nos parts(crank, brake shoes, forks, clutch set up, weird little engine parts, gas tank) Has a cdi, motomatic pipe, tjt variator, pirelli tires, 19 phbg race carb, 65 metra kit, powder coated everything, recovered seat, all new controls...

Check out to blog post below to see the entire build.





$1200 as is

$1500 if I get it running(theres a chance if I get it running I will want to keep it. This bike is too fun)

I might part it out if I got good offers on parts....

Send me emails if you have any questions.

I will drive pretty far to deliver or meet half way.

Re: FS: Derbi Variant / flatreed

Fish tits Krauthamer /

want to trade for a mb5?

Re: FS: Derbi Variant / flatreed

One of my favorite Derbi's on the site. Do a thorough background check on any potential buyer to make sure they will treat it right :)

Re: FS: Derbi Variant / flatreed

I think I will pass on the honda. If it was an rd60 then I would think about it.

I would consider digital cameras or VW pick ups as partial or full trades depending on what you have. As far as cameras go I just need something simple. Mine fell out of my pocket while riding and there is a good chance it could happen again so I don't really want a fancy camera.

Re: FS: Derbi Variant / flatreed

dude, you spent all that time on this bike and now you wanna ditch it? spend the hour its gonna take to fix it and ride the thing. just sayin.

Re: FS: Derbi Variant / flatreed

I just opened my own business and some extra cash would really help get things going. I am not just "ditching" it. It wasn't an easy choice to make.

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